Saturday, September 24, 2011

Irv Update - September 2011 #16

Dear F&F; Today we learned that after getting the vancomycin doses since yesterday afternoon (I'm not sure how many doses) Irv's kidney function level of creatinine rose dramatically. Vanco is cleared/processed by the kidney. So, now he is going to have a kidney ultrasound in 4-6 hours. He ate a small amount of food and so has to be without food or water from 4-6 hours for the test. Otherwise he slept well and is looking better every day. Too bad tomorrow he will have a major surgery. Right now it is scheduled for 10:00 AM. Beautiful day in Seattle, but very warm. The hospital doesn't have any air conditioning in this old tower so Irv has a fan blowing on him constantly. I just sit in the corner and suffer. More news as I get it. Penny

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